Van Halen – 5150

Or should I say Van Hagar?

One of the great debates in rock and roll is which era of Van Halen was better. In one corner, there’s those who think the flash and pompous party attitude of original lead singer David Lee Roth can never be beat. On the flip side is the camp that supports the slightly more serious approach Sammy Hagar brought to Van Halen.

5150 was the worlds introduction to Van Hagar, as many fans respectfully came to refer to the second iteration of the hard rock metal pioneers. Starting out in Montrose and already having established a successful solo career, the addition of Sammy kind of turned Van Halen into a supergroup of sorts. It didn’t necessarily make them the better of the two lineups, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

I’m not saying which side of the fence I’m on, mainly because it all depends on what album is on the platter. Ask me right now and I’m definitely all in for Sammy. But when it’s one of Van Halen’s first six albums spinning, I’ll totally contradict myself, so what’s the point?. I’ll rock out to either.

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  1. I first heard “Dreams” from this album, sitting in the passenger seat of a 1986 Nissan Pulsar NX, traveling north on the A-81 Autobahn out of Stuttgart at 130 MPH. Ah, memories!

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