The Who – By Numbers

Quadrophenia” was not an easy album for The Who to follow-up in 1973. There was a lot of pressure for a new album and writer’s block was setting in. Some time was bought by releasing the “Odds and Sods” compilation in ’74 and working on the collaborative “Tommy” film and soundtrack in early 1975. But a record of new songs is what Who fans really wanted and it’s what we got when “The Who By Numbers” came out near the end of ’75.

With the strength of the songs on “By Numbers”, it’s surprising The Who was having a hard time coming up with new material for their seventh album. This is easily one of their most solidly consistent albums from start to finish.

Outside of the music, my favorite thing about “By Numbers” is the album cover, designed and drawn by bassist John Entwistle. The sketched caricatures of the band members perfectly captures the essence of each. But to truly appreciate it, you have to complete the dot-to-dot drawing. I always was able to withhold temptation and not draw on mine. But I just got a great idea. After I finish writing this, I’m gonna scan a picture of the album cover, print it out, and complete it “By Numbers”.

Sometimes I love technology.