The Very Best Of The Ventures

Talk about bringing back memories of my childhood. I think my parents had every Ventures album that ever came out when I was growing up. I used to listen them so much, I’m surprised I didn’t take up surfing when I got older.

The Ventures were the epitome of instrumental surf music. My favorite songs by them are all here: “Walk Don’t Run”, “Tequila”, “Wipe Out”, and of course, the theme from “Hawaii Five-O”.

Perhaps the memory that makes me smile the most is taking the toy rifle my parents had bought me as a present and instead of playing Army or cops and robbers with it, I would pretend it was a guitar and that I was playing the along. I even had a routine during “Wipe Out”, where I would jump off the couch in true rock and roll style, with my arm flailing at my toy gun/guitar for the solo in “Wipe Out”.

Ahhh, the memories…