The Neal Morse Band – The Great Adventure

Christian music can get a bad rap. Mainly because most people think of it as preachy lyrics and blasé music. Neal Morse is anything but that. Neal Morse is one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists alive today. Like Spock’s Beard, the progressive rock band he left in 2002 to pursue Cristian music, Neal’s songs are intricate and complex. His band is composed of some of the best players you will find anywhere, including Neal’s long-time friend and former Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy. Immensely talented, they are musicians who live to play and love to challenge themselves with music that few others could dream of mastering.

Like Neal Morse’s previous albums “The Great Adventure” is a concept album with a message that in the end leaves the listener inspired and moved. It tells the story of boy who remembers his father walking away his family leaving them in City of despair. The boy grows up angry and hateful, following an often lost and darkened path. He comes close to succumbing to the Devil but in the end, through the events that unfold before him, he finds his salvation. He learns to forgive. His life is forever transformed by “A love That Never Dies”.

I went to see The Neal Morse Band in concert this past weekend. That’s where I first heard “The Great Adventure”. They played it in its entirety. It was nothing short of amazing; one of the best concerts I have been to. Neal has a rare talent to move and inspire with his music – and he and his band know how to rock! I bought this vinyl copy of “The Great Adventure” at the merch booth right after the show. Sure, I probably could have got it cheaper online, but I really didn’t mind. I directly supported a true musical genius (trust me, I do not use that phrase lightly) and as a bonus, I now have a 3 album set of one of the best new albums I have heard in years.

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