The Monkees – Head

I have never seen the 1968 movie “Head” by the Monkees. I never even knew it, or its soundtrack existed until the mid or late ’90s, when a friend told me about both. I kept wanting to check them both out in the back of my mind until recently, when the passing of Monkee bassist and vocalist Peter Tork pushed that thought up front.

“Head” goes far beyond what any album by The Monkees has ever achieved. The songs are all ties together by snippets from the movie that make the album in and of itself a concept album. Exemplified by it’s mirror loke cover, “Head” both mocks and embraces accusations of the Monkees’ being a manufactured band, but also one that aspired to move beyond that and prove they were so much more. This is music that that stretches far beyond what could ever have been portrayed on their TV show. “Head” is an album that moves one to think and to search for what lies between what is real and what is just supernatural bologna.

I can’t speak for “Head”, the movie. I have yet to see it, (I will soon). Just based on the soundtrack however, I know that good or bad, it’s going to be interesting to say the least. As for the album, “Head” is a psychedelic masterpiece unlike any album The Monkees ever released, before or after.