Samantha Fish – Chills and Fever

Samantha Fish is to blues, what Amy Winehouse was to jazz; a breath of freshness and youth added to old school inspiration. I had a friend recently recommend Samantha Fish to me. After checking her music out on the Internet, I knew it was time to add some more blues to my collection, a style that in the traditional sense I will admit my vinyl collection doesn’t have enough of.

Samantha Fish doesn’t look the part of the music she plays, not that there is a specific look for the blues. The blues is all about the music, and so is this multi-talented singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri. “Chills and Fever” that is going to give Buddy Guy and B.B. King, and Bonnie Raitt have some serious competition when I’m in the mood to cue up an old school blues album.