Sweet – Level Headed

Sweet was a band that went through many style variations. Early on, they didn’t even write their own songs, relying instead on Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, who were at that time, known for writing “bubble gum” pop songs (and whose own writing style would mature as they wrote early songs for John Cougar (Mellencamp) and Pat Benetar). Once Sweet started writing their own music on their fourth album, they had a hard rock/progressive rock feel. On their seventh album, “Level Headed,” Sweet found themselves aiming for some kind of middle ground  with a pop/progressive/neo-classical feel. It made for an interesting album and garnered them one of their most memorable hit singles, “Love Is Like Oxygen.” 

One of the things I alway disliked about most singles is exemplified with “Love Is Like Oxygen.” On the album, it was a beautiful piece, with many stylistic changes. Much of this was lost on the single, which edited the song to almost half its length of what is on the album.