Roxy Music – Country Life

Some album covers can cause quite a stir. Although up to this point, all of their LPs had featured women in provocative poses, on The Fourth Roxy Music Album, some censors felt the cover had crossed the line of decency.  Consequently,  the cover was originally banned in the United States, the Netherlands, and Spain. In those countries, the back cover artwork, basically the same picture minus the two lovely ladies, was used instead. I know which one I prefer.

By this time in Roxy Music’s history, their flamboyant keyboardist, Brian Eno, had left the band to pursue a solo career that would lead to future collaborations with David Bowie, Robert Fripp, Talking Heads, and Devo, among others. Eno was replaced by virtuoso Eddie Jobson. Although Jobson lacked The flash and extravagance of his predecessor, he brought the additional dimension of electric violin to the band’s music. 

While it still maintained the extreme blending of multiple musical influences and styles of Roxy Music’s previous albums, Country Life showed more consistency than its predecessors.  It is quite possibly, my favorite Roxy Music album; right up there with Avalon.