Rory Gallagher – Aginst The Grain

Back in the days of vinyl’s first coming, Rolling Stone magazine printed a cover that said “Clapton is God”. Nothing personal against Clapton or Rolling Stone, but in my opinion, it should have said “Gallagher is God”. 

Maybe it was Rory’s Irish heritage that gave him a more emotional style, that you knew he, and more importantly you could feel. Maybe Clapton just tried too hard to make that “one note” feel just right. Whatever it was, whether Rory Gallagher was making his Strat cry in pain, sing in joy, or scream in agony, his playing always came across like a loose and free Irishman, which in comparison, left Clapton sounding somewhat like a stiff and reserved Brit. 

Don’t get me wrong, Clapton was great. It’s just that Rory was better.

‘Nuff said.