Electric Light Orchestra – Out of the Blue

When Jeff Lynn was getting ready to write the songs for their seventh album, he decided to lock himself away, alone in a secluded Swiss chalet. He wrote the entire double album, “Out of the Blue” in just three and a half weeks. It became the biggest selling album of their career.

Although side three consists of four songs, collectively, they are also a suite entitled “Concerto for a Rainy Day.” The last song in the suite is one of their most popular songs, “Mr.Blue Sky.” 

If you listen closely, the beginning of the opening song to the suite actually says “Concerto for a rainy Day” inside the thunderclap. Also, the violin bursts that come in a short while later are musically playing Morse code for “ELO.”

I love when bands do those little things that you don’t discover until after many listens. Every time you listen to the songs after that, they are so obvious, you can’t help but wonder how you never heard them all those times before.