Michael Stanley Band – Greatest Hints

Rock and roll is filled with stories of great bands that almost, but not quite broke out from local or regional fame into the national spotlight. The Michael Stanley Band was one of the greatest.

The Michael Stanley Band, or MSB as many of their fans called them for short, had no problem selling records throughout the midwest United States. They regularly sold out 20 thousand seat arenas around their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. But outside of the heartland, the band remained forever relatively unknown.

I remember first hearing the Michael Stanley Band on Detroit radio in the late 1970s. I have to admit though, I never really took notice of MSB until the early 1980s, when a friend of mine who was from Cleveland played his hometown hero band for me when we were in the Army together. When I listened to their records, I remember wondering why they never made it nationally; they had such a great sound. Listening to “Greatest Hints” now I’m wondering it again.