Jools Holland Meets Rock ‘A’ Boogie Billy

Rock-a-billy music with a boogie-woogie twist.

Hillbilly music is old school country music. I’m talking real old school; the earliest and purist form of country music. Picture the 1920s and ’30s, sitting on a front porch in the deep south with your friends; cutting loose and having fun with a fiddle, banjo, a couple other homemade instruments and a jug of homemade moonshine, and you kind of get the idea. Combine that with early 1950’s rock and roll and you have rock-a-billy music.

So what does legendary British pianist (and Brit telly host) Jools Holland know about distinctly American rock-a-billy music? Enough to know that if you add a boogie-woogie swing to it, you’ve got something that’s really unique and really cooks.

I was compelled to buy this record because I knew Jools Holland as one of the founding members of Squeeze, an alternative band from England whom I was really into and who sound…well, nothing like rock-a-billy or boogie-woogie. They are best known for their songs “Tempted” and “Black Coffee in Bed”. From the title of the album, I knew this would be Jool Holland stepping away from Squeeze and doing something different. But it was more than thatmore than that