Golden Earring – Cut

Golden Earring was almost a one hit wonder in the United States. In 1973 they released their album “Moontan“, which spawned their hit “Radar Love”, which hit number one on the Billboard rock charts in the U.S.. Although the Dutch band remained extremely successful in the Netherlands, they failed to have any further hit records in the United States. That is, until nine years later.

In 1982, Golden Earring released their 16th album. With the help of a spy themed video that got heavy airplay on the newly launched MTV, the song “Twilight Zone” became Golden Earring’s second number one hit in the United States. Following the success  The “Twilight Zone”, he band released a follow-up single, “The Devil Made Me Do It”. Unfortunately, that song failed to do well in the U.S. because it contained the word “bullshit”, and was not released with an edited version – consequently, many U.S. radio stations refused to play it.

Although they had continued success in the Netherlands, Europe, in the U.K., Golden Earring failed to see any significant success in the United States following “Cut”. They continue to perform over 200 concerts a year to capacity crowds in those areas of the world. They released their 25th album “Tits ‘N Ass”, in 2012 under the same band lineup they have had since 1970. That album hit number one on the Dutch record charts.