Eagles – One Of These Nights

1975’s “One of These Nights” is the album that brought the Eagles’ popularity up to the next level.

It’s not that they didn’t already have a strong following…But when you release your first #1 album, an album that sells millions of copies, has 3 top 10 singles, and gets nominated for four Grammy awards, winning the prize for one of them…well, that becomes a game changer. Even though “One of These Nights” was the album that made the Eagles superstars, they would prove they were truly worthy of that status, following it up with 1977’s “Hotel California” and 1979’s “The Long Run“.

One of the things that is cool about record collecting is some of the unique differences between the first pressings of a record and subsequent issues. For instance, the cover on this copy of “One of These Nights” is embossed, giving the artwork more depth and definition. Also on first pressings only, the record itself has a message written on the run out area. Split between the two sides on this copy is the phrase “Don’t worry – Nothing will be O.K.!”

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