Steve Martin – A Wild And Crazy Guy

My kids know it. Ask me any time, what’s my favorite number. I’m almost sure to answer “a million six”. Listen to this record and you’ll get it.

(Yeah, I might sometimes also say “42”, but that’s another story.)

Sometimes I take things too seriously. Sometimes when I start reading and listening to too much political truth and BS (sometimes hard to decipher which is which), I drag myself down. It’s times like these that I need to force myself to step back and lighten up. At those moments, comedy albums are the perfect remedy.

Steve Martin’s “A Wild And Crazy Guy” is quite possibly the perfect comedy album for any occasion, but most especially non-political ones. Probably¬† because the album is so non-political. It’s just plain hilarious.

I still remember going to the clubs looking for girls with dog poop on their shoes. (Maybe that’s why I never got a date.)

And then of course, there’s “King Tut”…

‘Nuff said.