Bob Seger – Back in ’72

Don’t look for Bob Seger’s “Back In ’72” on CD. You won’t find it. Along with most of Seger’s really works, “Back in ’72” was never officially released on anything other than album, cassette, and 8 track tape. 

Considered by many to be one of his best early albums, “Back in ’72” is the first album by Bob Seger that features his longtime saxophone player Alto Reed. But don’t look for all to read listed in the credits. On this album he appeared under his real name, Tom Cartmell.

By this point in his musical career, Bob Seger had become known as Detroit’s best kept secret. This was his sixth album oh, and he had not really gained any notoriety outside of Southeastern Michigan. That would change a few years later when he would release the album “Beautiful Loser”, and one of the best live albums ever, “Live Bullet”. The latter of which contained Seger’s breakout hit, the live version of “Turn the Page”. If you ever want to hear the studio version, you’ll have to queue up “Back In ’72” on your turntable.