Blind Faith

Another controversial album cover…

Blind Faith was a supergroup from the late ’60s that consisted of Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker who had just left Cream, and Steve Winwood who was looking to depart the Spencer Davis Group.  The band was rounded out by Ric Grech, who had come from a lesser-known band at the time, Family.

The album cover was designed by Bob Seidmann, a friend of Clapton’s. Although the artwork became controversial, it was not meant to be so. According to Seidmann, the image represented “the achievement of human creativity and its expression through technology.” The young girl was meant to represent innocence and the tree of life, and the spaceship she was holding was emblematic of the tree of knowledge.” Seidmann named the piece “Blind Faith,” and being as the band had not yet chosen a name for themselves, and really liked its meaning, they decided to name their new band after it.

Although Blind Faith’s debut album was extremely successful, hitting number one in many countries including the United States, the members would part ways before ever releasing a followup.

Many critics in the United States felt that regardless of the “tree of knowledge” explanation, the spaceship was too much of a phallic symbol.  It was consequently released with an alternate cover that simply showed a photo of the band.