Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare

There once was a young man named Vincent Furnier who along with some other talented Detroiters, formed a band called Alice Cooper. This is not that band.

The original Alice Cooper band was Glen Buxton on lead and Michael Bruce on rhythm guitars, Dennis Dunaway, on bass, Neal Smith on drums and lead singer Vincent Furnier, who on-stage went by the same name adopted by the band. The band became as well know for their shock rock stage theatrics as they did for their music. They released seven albums as Alice Cooper.

After the release of “Muscle of Love in 1973, a dispute between Vincent and the rest of the band erupted. Vincent wanted to up the ante of the stage show. The rest of the band wanted to eliminate it altogether and just play rock and roll on stage. It was such a division that Vincent and the band split up.

That led to the next rift, when both Vincent and the other collective members each felt they were more responsible for the group’s success and entitled to continue performing with the name Alice Cooper. Vincent settled the score once and for all when he legally changed his name to Alice Cooper.

“Welcome To My Nightmare” is the first album by Alice Cooper, the man. It became one of Alice Cooper’s most successful albums (by the band or the man). Alice Cooper continued his career, experimenting with a variety of rock and roll styles, having successful albums in the 1980s and ’90s as well as in the new millennium. He continues to record and perform today, releasing his 20th album as a solo artist, “Paranormal”, in 2017. He is still as well-known for his elaborate shock rock stage theatrics as he is for his music.