About The Vinyl Jungle

I am a music lover and I have always owned a turntable. Music speaks to me; melodically, rhythmically, lyrically, and philosophically. I listen to records nearly every day. Music is not only about the pleasure of listening to the melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and lyrics of the songs. It’s also about the memories and emotions and passions that the music invokes in you.

I grew up primarily listening to pop and rock music of the 1960s and ’70s – what I affectionately regard as the “golden age of vinyl”. Most of my record collection consists of music from that era. I have however always enjoyed discovering new sounds and have albums from all the decades that followed, up through today.

I am particularly intrigued by many of the newer artists that are gaining popularity today. Similar to the way the “underground” FM radio stations in the ’60s seemed to endlessly expand the possibilities of what was popular music then, I see the Internet taking over that role today. I am also excited to see, with the resurgence of vinyl today, many newer bands releasing their music on what I feel is the best medium for both sound and artistic expression.

My intent here is to share my listening experiences with you by sharing what I hope are interesting facts about the bands or albums I’m listening to on any given day, a memory I have relating to the artist or album, a significant event in my life that relates to it, a concert I was at, or how I discovered that artist or album. Whatever the case may be, when the album ends, the writing wraps up too. So don’t expect any long detailed essays here; just off-the-cuff musings relating to what I have spinning on the turntable at the time.

I hope you enjoy the music, thoughts, and the memories.