Head East – Flat As A Pancake

The golden age of vinyl albums lasted roughly from the mid 1960s to the early 1980s. This was also a time when radio station’s and DJs could be responsible for breaking new songs and new bands.

Head East’s debut album, Flat as a Pancake was originally released in 1974 on a small, independent record label, which produced only 5000 copies on vinyl. The album would have died in obscurity had a couple of radio stations in the Midwest U.S. not decided to start playing “There’s Never Been Any Reason.”

The popularity of the song on those stations caused A&M Records to sign the band. They re-released the album in 1975, and Flat As A Pancake went on to sell over 500 thousand copies, certifying it as a gold record. The album would also spawn the band’s second hit single, “Love Me Tonight.”