Styx – The Mission

It’s funny how easily you can have misconceptions. 

An old friend of mine went to see Styx in concert yesterday. From the post on Facebook, a friend of hers and I got into a debate about Dennis DeYoung, their singer and one of their songwriters in the the ’70s and ’80s, and his replacement, Lawrence Gowan. In that discussion, I made a comment in which I give them kudos for knowing that their new album wasn’t going to sell because their style of music just wasn’t popular anymore, and wasn’t what sold today, yet still releasing it anyway.

She posted that at the concert, Tommy Shaw (vocals and guitar) said their newest album was currently at number 6 on the Billboard charts. I had to check this out, and yes, that is the truth. 

Here are the official chart possitions for “The Mission” as of today:

#6 Top Rock Albums
#11 Physical Albums
#11 Vinyl Albums
#13 Current Albums
#14 Billboard Top Albums
#16 Retail
#29 Digital Albums
#45 Billboard 200 (includes catalog and streaming)

My faith has been restored in what can be called popular music.