One of the joys I’ve always had with record collecting, is going back and discovering earlier albums by bands I like. After first hearing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, all over the radio, I was enthralled by their originality. After buying the album “A Night at the Opera”, and hearing “Sheer Heart Attack”, which a friend of mine discovered in his uncle’s record collection, I felt compelled to check out other music by this truly original band. Queen only had four albums out at this time and I had already heard two of them, so I figured I pick up their eponymous debut.

From the opening song , “Keep Yourself Alive” with is heavily phased guitar panning from the left to right speaker, I knew this was going to be a unique record that, just like their later records, would take full advantage of stereo sound. The production was a bit rougher than their later albums that I had heard, but it had a huge amount of variety and experimentation – a very ambitios alblum, especially for a band coming right out of the gate. The lyrics covered a wide range of topics from the mystic and medieval to religion; from personal introspection to songs that were about just having a good time.

When it comes to bands I like, I’ve always appreciated originality and innovation over virtuosity and technical ability, but I still highly regarded the latter. Queens first album had an abundance of both. It will always be one of my favorite albums of all time.

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    1. Hey, thanks for the information. My blogs is just for fun and if it doesn’t get a lot of hits, I’m not really worried about it. My friends and co-workers read it and talk to me about it that’s good enough for me. Renee I and the other stuff you mentioned on your blog does look pretty cool, but I prefer to keep the blog in my own words because, as I say on the “about” page it’s just written off the cuff, as the thoughts come to me while I’m listening to an album. If I had something reword everything to get better Google hits, I think it would lose that feeling and my own personality coming through.

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