The Cure – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

In the 80s, The Cure established themselves as a mainstay, and one of the most popular groups in alternative rock. The double LP, “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me,” was panned by many critics, but that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the Cure’s most successful albums.

According to Robert Smith, the album almost failed to happen as there was a fire in the building where he had all the as yet unrecorded lyrics written down. He actually went into the burning building to retrieve the them so they would not be lost forever.

Steven Wilson – Hand.Cannot.Erase.

You would think that in today’s “connected” world it would be impossible for someone to disappear without a trace, without anyone noticing for years. That’s what happened with Joyce Carol Vincent, who died of natural causes, in her London apartment, in 2003. She wasn’t discovered until 2006.

Her story became the inspiration for the songs on Steven Wilson’s 2015 Grammy nominated album, “Hand.Cannot.Erase.”
Beautifully powerful, yet in the same realm, hauntingly sad.

A modern masterpiece.

Nightmares… And Other Tales From the Vinyl Jungle

And other tales from…well, you know where.

The J. Geils Band always considered Detroit to be a second home. Probably because Detroit audiences loved their combination of rock, blues, funk, And soul. Not to mention we love to party – and their ain’t no party like a J. Geils party.

I saw them at Pine Knob, in the days before sound curfews, and they did seven encores before the venue cut the power to the stage (partypoopers).

…hmmmm…maybe that’s why they have sound curfews now.